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Optimize your resources with the smartest in-barn monitoring solution in the market.

Sonar Echo
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Simplified setup

Echo hardware requires minimal technical help and will be ready to go in just a fraction of the time that will take you to install a traditional sensor system.

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Uninterrupted stream

Using secure WiFi mesh networking, Echo hardware reduces the connection failures caused by large objects blocking the signal from sensors to gateway.

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Always up to date.

Automated barn data collection enables environment and bird health to be monitored to the minute while also trending daily animal performance versus standards.

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All your farms, all your houses in one place

Know what’s happening in the farm anywhere you go.

All sensors reporting in real-time

Historical charts for each sensor at the barn allow for detailed analysis.

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Smart alerts

The Sonar app sends notifications of farm occurrences and the requirement of further action.

How it works

Sonar steps setup1

SonarEcho equipment is packed and shipped for each house.

Sonar steps snap sync2
Snap and Sync

Syncing all sensors is as easy as taking a photo for each device's QR Code.

Sonar steps go3
All Systems are Go

Now simply launch Sonar on your mobile device and start monitoring.

Sonar future

A glance into the future of your business

All information collected from the barns is stored for future comparison and it is constantly feeding exclusive Machine Learning built-in models to deliver you the most accurate predictions of your farms.

Have questions about SonarEcho solution?

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a connection among our everyday electronics like computers, telephones, cars, machines, and other hardware technologies through the internet resulting in a smarter and faster acquisition of data without the intervention of people.

Can I use it with my current sensors?

Sonar technology allows you to keep your current sensors. We have created an API to our IoT hub allowing existing controllers to upload the data.

What if internet network is poor at the barn?

Sonar will notify you and send you the latest readings as soon as Echo establishes an internet connection.

Is it compatible with my mobile phone?

Sonar is shipped and constantly updated for both Android and iOS devices.

Is Sonar available in my language?

We currently support English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Soon we’ll be expanding to cover more than 10 languages. Need a specific language? Let’s talk about it, and we’ll make it happen

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