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Insightful from the very first glance

Intuitive and dynamic dashboards to deliver all the information you ever wanted from your business.

Summary screen in Axis
Breeder screen in Axis

Breeder Analytics

Out-of-the-box dynamic visualizations for reviewing key breeder performance indicators across time and dimensions such as breed, geographic area, and service advisor among others.

Hatchery Analytics

Automatic collection of egg set and chicks hatched details from hatchery management modules to prevent duplicate input or errors.

Hatchery screen in Axis
Feed Mill screen in Axis

Feed Mill Analytics

As feed continues to be the highest cost of live animal production, quick and easy access to historical shrink by ingredient and mill coupled with drill down features capturing the impact of season can uncover true efficiency strategies leading to overall improvements in profitability.

Powerful Drill Down analysis

Visual stories of the company wide performance always need to be examined at the lower levels. The built-in drill features of the MTech Guided Analytics bring the details to the forefront.

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