MTech Sonar

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Real time data collection straight from the barn.

MTech Sonar

How it works

Plug and Play Monitoring

Sensors inside houses get connected to the MTech Sonar and start monitoring animal growth right away.

Multiple vendors are supported so you can start collecting data with your current setup.


Data is collected by Sonar and frequently synchronized to central warehouse through the internet using an industrial cellular network.

MTech Gauges MTech Gauges
MTech Gauges

Data is Synched with MTech Pro

Daily aggregate data is synched with our enterprise production solution, MTech Pro. Allowing you to:

  • Analyze house factors
  • Predict production performance
  • Schedule Feed
  • Analize against all other production statistics
  • Avoid disasters

User-friendly Dashboards

give you access to real-time farm status to confirm proper management, speed up your workflow, move your personnel to the right barns, and avoid disasters

MTech Gauges


Access the intelligent farm dashboards and analytics from any web enabled device.

No additional installations. All you need is a web browser

Suitable for Poultry and Swine farms

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